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Because swimming pools are such a major expense and investment for our customers we work together with them to make sure we are doing everything in our power to make their pool a relaxing, hassle free enjoyment. But, because a clean pool can also be a challenge, we ask our customers to keep a few things in mind:


(Heat, Humidity, Rain and Sun) A big culprit and challenge to a clean pool is the weather and how it depletes the pool of its vital chemical balance. Chlorine, PH (Alkalinity & Acid) is always thrown out of whack when battling Mother Nature. She can add additional charges to pool maintenance due to adding chemicals to keep that important chemical balance correct.


What is your water source? Is it hard or soft water? Is it full of metals such as copper or iron? This too presents its fair share of challenges and can have effects on the cost of maintaining a pool. Additionally, Certified Pools is not responsible for adding water to pools. This is the sole responsibility of the customer unless explicit other arraignments are made. So please make sure you are watching your pools water levels all year round (even if the pool has been winterized).

Timing Of Openings

At Certified Pools we like to get a jump on the opening process by attacking the upcoming problems before they get out of control. One major concern is to get the water balance prior to the spring bloom. Another is the process of getting the water treated while the water and air temperatures are still bit chilly, this way the sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays and warm water temperature will not leach out our costly chemicals. Doing so can save a customer a lot more money than by waiting to open the pool when the weather gets warmer. With preparation early in the season you waste no time during important swimming months, since the pool is free of problems. Remember maintaining a chemical balance is always easier than creating it from scratch.

Watching for and being aware of these challenges can make your summer pool experience much more enjoyable and much more cost effective.

Opening & Closing of Pools:

This will greatly depend on your pools geographical area along with options of saving original water or adding all new water to a pool. These steps may include:

OPENING: (Contract must be signed with deposit to assure reservation)

  • Pulling covers and storing at customer’s facility.
  • Emptying lines of antifreeze.
  • Vacuuming all waste products out of the pool.
  • Complete water testing done.
  • Remove all plugs & skimmer gizmos.
  • Adding chemical start up treatments.
  • Acid washing pool, re-painting or even re-surfacing the pool bottom and sides.
  • Setting up all deck equipment such as ladders and hand rails.
  • Vacuuming and setting up your first treatment of chemicals.

WINTERIZING: (Contracts must be signed with deposit to assure reservation)
NOTE: Closing a pool after the daily temperature is below 60 degrees, will help a lot when it is time to open your pool.

  • Vacuum pool if necessary.
  • Add winterizing chemicals.
  • Backwash system and drain all necessary equipment.
  • Reduce water level in pool to proper level to provide maximum protection against freezing damage and build up due to rain and snow.
  • Winterize, skimmers, heater and pump, blow out underground plumbing lines, plugs and gizmos when needed.
  • Add non-toxic anti-freeze to freezable pipes and fittings.
  • Remove and store pool equipment in owner's facilities (i.e. ladders and cleaning equipment)
  • Cover pool with owner's cover (wash solar blanket with cover cleaner)
  • solar system will be drained and winterized (where applicable)

Certified Pools, LLC is not responsible for any acts of God to include freeze line breaks, settlement or shifts or any conditions caused by weather related issues.

NOTE: Certified Pools will not guarantee your pool will be sparkling clean with only a pool opening service. It can take weeks to get the right chemical balance for your pool to be sparkling. These steps ultimately depend on your water source, weather and how much lead time was given to get starter chemicals into the water before the opening procedure. To insure your pool is in the best working order with the right chemical mixture, one needs to have a weekly cleaning service or water testing service at the minimum. Also make sure to assure your reservation for your pool opening as soon as possible.

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Cleaning Services Offered (Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Monthly, Vacation)

The most important thing you can do for the success of your pool is to get an expert involved in monitoring your pool through a cleaning schedule or weekly water and chemical testing service. PH levels (measures from 1-14 with a value of 7.0 neutral) are so important for the success of your pool because they measure acidity or alkalinity in the water. Remember, too much PH (or a high alkalinity reading) will render chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) useless, additionally it will produce a cloudy pool which will soon produce scales or calcium deposits if not corrected. Too little PH will create acid which will cause corrosion of equipment,skin discomfort,eye irritation, liner wrinkling (in liner pools) and a loss of chlorine. It is the understanding of the chemical compounds in your pool that make experts a necessary part of your safe summer enjoyment around a nice refreshing clean clear pool.

The cost of Weekly Services, Bi-weekly Services and Monthly Service will depend on many things but mainly on the size and cosmetic make up of your pool (Gunite/Cement,Vinyl Liner,Fiberglass, Above Ground Pool and the surrounding foliage). Cleaning service (includes water testing) is made up of a maintenance part along with chemicals both are separate charges (Cleaning Service + Chemicals). Maintenance Cleaning part is made up of skimming, emptying the skimmer baskets, vacuuming the pools, brush down, back wash the system.

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Water Chemical Testing and Monitoring Service

For the do it yourself people we offer a wonderful comprehensive water and chemical testing service once a week to keep your pool safe and clear of contaminants. This state of the art commercial and Residential Pools computer based testing center has 12 different tests (the largest in the industry). Our service will consist of a TCB (Test, Chemical & Backwash). Algaecide and service/test calls due to algae and green pools will be an extra charge. However if you are a customer of ours that has regular cleaning service or testing services you will receive a discounted rate on service calls and chemicals used to treat said pool problems. We work with you to maintain your pool and offer guidance while you the owner takes care of the daily operations of running a safe pool free from problems. Remember water chemistry is made up of three main factors, Physical Factors (filtration and circulation), Chemical Factors (scale & corrosion control) and Biological Factors (disinfection and algae control).

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Maintenance, Installation and Repair Services

Certified Pools offers an array of maintenance, installation and repair options for pool owners such as:

  • Vacation pool monitoring/cleaning service
  • Salt Water Systems.(upgrade, repairers & installation)
  • Heaters (Installation and repair)
  • Equipment Warranty - Serviced by Certified Pools
  • Pumps and Filtration (Installation and repair)
  • Pool Vinyl Liners- (Patching and Installation.)
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Deck Treatment & Power Washing
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Chemical Drop Off

Call for a free evaluation of your pool and system.

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