Swimming Pool Services by Certified Pools

Nashville Tennesse & Middle Tennessee Swimming Pool Maintenance Plans

Basic, Salt Water Pool and Premium Services all consist of our Comprehensive Swimming Pool Maintenance Plan which includes:

  • Test swimming pool water chemistry and add chemicals as needed
  • Backwash filtration system (sand filters)
  • Skimmers and pump baskets cleared and cleaned
  • Skim and net swimming pool surface area
  • Scrub and clean tile as needed
  • Vacuum swimming pool

NOTE: Certified Pools LLC “WILL NOT” be held responsible for damages to pool/spa /equipment or its surroundings as a result of natural causes. Owner’s responsibility to maintain correct water levels

Basic Swimming Pool Service

(Chemicals at additional charge) Designed for swimming pools without salt water systems and 1.5” to 2.0”equipment pad configurations. Because these pools do not have Salt Chlorine Generators in them they are more often subject to the weather conditions which can cause uneven chemical usage to balance water chemistry. This option may have increases/decreases in monthly costs due to the unpredictability of weather patterns and use of traditional chlorination techniques.

Premium Swimming Pool Service

(Technologically advanced salt water pools that are controlled by automated systems and chemicals are included). This option is designed for the newly built or recently updated salt water pools that incorporate automated control systems. Advancements in pool controls necessitate the need for well trained and educated pool professionals to oversee the computer controlled options incorporated into these pools and spas. All chemicals that salt water pools need are included in this service.

Salt Water Swimming Pool Service

(Chemicals are included) This option allows the salt water swimming pool owner to maintain a constant monthly pool budget regardless of weather conditions. All chemicals that salt water swimming pools need are included in this monthly option.


(Chemicals at additional charge) Designed for the “Do It Your Self Minded Person”, who cleans and maintains the pool themselves. This product pairs a CPO (Certified Pools Operator) with the home owner who wants more supervision on the most important aspect of a swimming pool; water chemistry and safety. This service includes complete water testing and back washing the system.

Spa/Hot Tub Water Change Service

To ensure water quality and keep water easy to balance we recommend draining your spa water at least once every three months or more often if the spa is used frequently.

Filter Cleaning Services

To ensure the best water quality it is recommended that your DE or Cartridge system be cleaned every three months (more with excessive use or during the summer)